A plane without it : the mini-series with Bruno Solo at the end of march on M6

From the end of march, M6 will offer “A plane without it”, his new mini-series with Bruno Solo, adapted from the bestseller of the same name by Michel Bussi, following the investigation of a detective on a mysterious survivor of a plane crash. A plane without it, the adaptation of the novel by Michel Bussi, who has sold over a million copies, arrives on M6 on Tuesday 26 march at 21h. In this mini-series of 4 episodes, we follow the investigation by a detective on the mysterious origins of Lily, the only survivor of the crash of an airplane when she was only 3 months. When the latter is found murdered, after having transmitted his journal to the young woman, it’s going to decide to conduct its own investigation to finally discover his origins. The 19 new series French the most exciting of 2019 After Mom was wrong on France 2 in 2018, so it is the second adaptation of a novel by the famous author, who is brought to the television. Among the headliners, the audience will be able to find Bruno Solo, in a role more dramatic than usual. He will be accompanied by Yaniss Lespert, the young Christophe Lepic in Do not, do not like it, but also Agn├Ęs Soral, Anne Consigny and Anne-Elisabeth Blateau, the iconic Emma Scenes of household for whom this will be an opportunity to show a new facet of his talent. Lily, the heroine of the novel, will be embodied by Penelope-Pink bishops rank, an actress who is still little known to the general public, which has made appearances in Candice Renoir or Profiling.


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